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Dear Client,

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with WTax, the global leader in foreign Withholding Tax (WHT) recovery.

As OpenFunds continues to grow, we strive to improve the level and variety of services which we are able to provide to our Clients - our partnership with WTax is testament to this.

What is WHT and how does it
affect you?


Who is WTax and what solution
can they provide to you?


How can WTax improve your
WHT recovery?


How will I benefit from using WTax’s service?

Through the successful optimisation of WHT recoveries, WTax ensures that you:

  • 1 fulfil the fiduciary duty owed to your investors in the area of WHT recovery
  • 2 increase WHT recovery yield and NAV
  • 3 improve investment performance

What is the cost of WTax’s service?

There is ZERO UPFRONT COST for WTax’s service; WTax only charges a success fee i.e. a percentage of the successful WHT refunds obtained from the foreign tax authorities on your behalf. WTax’s fee is stipulated in its standard terms and conditions (see below).

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This ensures that your incentives are aligned with WTax’s: NO REFUND, NO FEE.

What if your custodian is already submitting some WHT claims for you?

WTax has two service offerings: Full Service (WTax is appointed as your sole and exclusive WHT recovery service provider) or Partial Service (WTax identifies and claims all and any WHT which is not being claimed by your custodian). Accordingly, WTax specialises in optimizing the recovery of WHT. WTax has extensive experience in providing its service to clients alongside a custodian, if required by you. Having assessed over 3000 funds to date, WTax always identifies appreciable additional WHT recovery opportunities, even when a custodian is already performing some WHT reclaims.

What do you need to do?

Should you wish to engage this service, kindly click here to read WTax’s standard terms and conditions. Once accepted by you, we will assist to administer the entire process, ensuring that there is minimal additional administrative burden for you. Together, we will provide a seamless process for the recovery of WHT on your behalf.

Kindly click here if you would prefer that we arrange for a representative from WTax to contact you.

We look forward to providing you with the best WHT recovery service available.

Best regards,
Roger Stoffel
Head of Legal Representative Services

Siro Zanovello